Education Oppunities Fund

AAUW has a long and distinguished history of advancing educational and professional opportunities for women in the United States and around the globe. AAUW is providing more than $4.3 million in funding for more than 278 fellowships and grants to outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2012-13 academic year. Women continue to gain access to educational and economic opportunities due to the longstanding, generous contributions of AAUW members.

The Sunnyvale Cupertino branch has completed five endowments and is working on a sixth which will generate funds for women changing careers. The endowments are supervised by the national association. We have raised $219,759 for the first five endowments and $25,000 toward the $75,000 needed to complete the sixth. We hold an annual Luncheon and Silent Auction to raise funds and many members also donate to help us reach our goals. AAUW qualified as one of the Top-Rated Non-Profits by Women’s Empowerment Awards for 2012.