Get Out the Vote

ItsMyVoteThe Sunnyvale/Cupertino Branch of AAUW partnered with DeAnza College in the 2012 voter initiative.  We had a group of 8 women on campus in October, 2012 partnering with DeAnza College’s Get Out the Vote initiative.  Our role was to education students on the issues, how to vote, and register them to vote.

What’s at Stake in this Election for De Anza Students?

From the college budget to California’s three-strikes law, from who ends up on the Supreme Court to who gets to vote, the outcome of the local, state and national elections will have huge impacts on our lives, our college, our state, our country and our world.
Speakers were: Brian Murphy, president, De Anza College; Cynthia Ouandji, senator, DASB; Nicky González Yuen, faculty member, Political Science; Cynthia Kaufman, faculty director, Institute of Community and Civic Engagement; Marlo Custodio, director, MindFull Media and De Anza graduate Moderated by DASB President Pablo Zamorano

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