We produce a printed Directory in September for our members which includes information about the branch (officers, events, mission, etc.) along with member data. The document(s) below have only the member data in a format that can be printed on letter-size paper. The first reflects what was printed in the directory; the second is the supplement to that directory listing (entries added or modified since the printed version). As with the Imprint, you must supply the password to view the PDF file(s).

NOTE: if your information has changed, please send an email and let us know the changes. We’ll update our working database and issue a supplement with your new information along with other new members who may have joined since the Directory was printed in September.

Click HERE for membership information as printed (05-Sept-2021)
Click HERE for the supplement information (14-Feb-2021)

Honorary Life Members
Autumn Bea
Sharon Blaine
Helen Christensen
Shirley Estrada
Linda Freed
Bonnie Harvey
Anita Hendrickson
Janet Holl
Judy O’Shea
Barbara Osborn
Barbara Rogers
Marie Schmidt
Jan Smith
Betty Zographos *