A glimpse at our first 50 years

In 2012 (our 50th year), we reviewed our history and major efforts during the years as noted below.

Sunnyvale-Cupertino – 50 years

May 10, 1962 – Charter granted with 47 members.  Branch co-sponsored the first Consumer Conference.

1963-64 Branch supports first Sunnyvale child care center at Ellis School. Branch subsequently distributes a complete listing of child care centers.

1967 Membership 253, Raised dues to $15 ($6.50 for Association, 75 cents for State, $6.75 for branch, $1 for EFP

1971-72 Branch recommends a city-wide recycling center to the Sunnyvale City Council.  Joins with Santa Clara Interbranch Council in a study resulting in a ballot reform resolution which passes at State Convention. Help start a new AAUW branch in Santa Clara. The directory and minutes now identified the member as “Mary Jones” instead of “Mrs John Jones”.

1972-73 Branch initiates Citizen of Achievement awards for people in the community. Branch recommends that California State Division support legislation providing funding for libraries (becomes CSD guideline for 1975-77). Branch funds raised for the National Fellowships Fund have totaled approximately $7000 in the past ten years.

1973-74 Branch institutes its ROAR (Recycle Oil and Re-refine) project. Studied recycling oil and then implemented the project.  Branch contributed to Santa Clara County’s window display case in the Sacramento Capital Building.

1975 Membership is at 368 with 99 new members since August 1st.

1977 Branch Puppetry & Plays Interest group gives plays on Nutrition to area schoolchildren.

1980-81 “In recognition of significant service to the purposes of AAUW” the Los Gatos-Saratoga Branch makes our branch its Named Honoree.  Branch did a study on firearms and supported the Equal Rights Amendment

1983 AAUW Presents on Channel 3. Our Branch starts its’ first EF Research & Projects Endowment  – 20th Anniversary Endowment.

1985-86 Our Branch recognized for first place in membership increase for medium size branches in the state. Jodi Gordon, our member, elected state Vice President for EFP. Santa Clara Branch asked to be a satellite of ours and later they were absorbed into our branch. Membership is at 298.

1987-88 Men become eligible to be AAUW members: Alan Wilson is the first man to join our branch. Our Branch has 248 members. Branch starts its second Research & Projects Endowment – Jodi Gordon Endowment. Branch member Barbara Rogers became Mayor of Cupertino, first women to hold that office.

1989-90 Branch collects 28 boxes of books for a Book Drive for China.  Imprint wins state newsletter Achievement Award. Branch also wins membership Achievement Award for adding 42 new members.  Jodi Gordon elected to AAUW Education Foundation Board of Directors.

1990-91  Completes 100th program of AAUW Presents on Channel 3.   Dues are raised to $52 or a $1/week.

1992 Many of our members helped at the International Federation of University Women Conference held at Stanford in August.  City of Sunnyvale recognized the work of Book Talkers who visit retirement homes in the area. There also was an article in California AAUW News about the Book Talkers.

1993 Our branch board voted to support Legal Advocacy Fund as a Branch.  Branch starts its third Research & Projects Endowment – Sally Giebeler Endowment.  Donated $1 per member to the Legal Advocacy Fund.  Membership at 252.

1994 Branch participated in the Cupertino Community Parade marking the opening of Highway 85 with 1931 Model A.  Branch board voted to start a Speak-Up class at Wilson High School.  Achieved the status of A Five Star Branch.

1995 Developed a cookbook from luncheon book lunches (The Fourth Wednesday- Thirty Years of Luncheon Book) and honoring Sally Giebeler. Proceeds to EFP.

1997 Showed a  video of author Mary Pipher discussing her book, Reviving Ophelia – Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls at DeAnza College. VERY well attended, 200+.  Book Sale a big success!

1998 First Tech Trek was held at Stanford University Campus.  Branch sent two girls.  Branch raised its membership by 5%, now 232 members.

1999 Branch started its Fourth Research & Projects Endowment  – Elizabeth Vestal Endowment.

2000 Branch members Work with Teens with Tots program at Cupertino High School.

2002 Branch sent 4 girls to Tech Trek, thanks to an anonymous donor funding two girls, Thelma Epstein was elected District Director for North Coast District.  Membership 186.

2003 Branch member, Martha Kanter was named chancellor of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.

2004 Branch meeting featuring the authors of Women at Ground Zero and co-sponsored with Santa Clara County AAUW InterBranch Council. Branch started its Fifth Research & Project Endowment – Autumn Bea/Helen Christensen Endowment.

2005 At a branch meeting we played games and enjoyed ice cream.

2006 The Imprint was changed to electronic delivery preventing  a dues increase.

2007 Branch sent six 7th grade girls to Tech Trek.  Lydia Stang showed off how well our branch cut costs with the electronic newsletter at the Association Convention in Phoenix.

2008 LAF shifts to cases that have a potential for all women not just in academia.  Dues are $86.

2009 Branch moved the membership meeting to March.

2010 Branch participated with the San Jose Branch on the Know The Score project. Following the release of the report  Why So Few? A panel of four women, working in the STEM fields, shared their experiences.

2011 Marita Beard shared her experiences flying in NASA SOFIA Airborne Astronomy program.  One member, One Vote at the Association level. Used books are sold online strongly supporting the garage book sales.

2012 Branch is sending 7 girls to TechTrek. Branch has sent a total of 55 girls to Tech Trek since 1998. Membership is at 168. One Member, One Vote at the state level. Branch started its sixth Research and Projects Endowment – 50th Anniversary.